New Office

We've moved (again). This time, the office relocated down to the first floor, same building. We are now in suite 101E

Moving to the first floor allows for easier access if you have mobility issues (no more relying on the elevator). It also is more inviting for after hours appointments. 

To find the new office from the front of the building, simply turn left (away from the elevators), and follow the hall to the right. Just after turning the corner, you'll see a short hall on your left. Our door is on the right.

From the parking lot in the back, you'll want to use the double doors on the right hand side of the building - furthest from Kelseys. Walk down the hallway, and we'll be set in on the right hand side. 

If you're early for your appointment, there are chairs located near both front and back entrances where you can have a seat. We will come get you at your appointment time. 

New Office
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